Life with Vitality: How an insurance premium pays you to be healthy

If you’ve seen the variety of insurance policies offered by Vitality, you might know a little bit about the comprehensive level of cover on offer. What you might not be quite so aware of is the great range of benefits that comes with the policies available.

Vitality’s 5 star Defaqto award-winning range of life insurance and illness policies can be tailored to an individual’s own circumstances. Whether you’re young, free and single or in a relationship, with kids or looking forward to retirement, there are policy options that match your stage in life.

Life Insurance

If someone is financially dependent on you, having a life insurance policy in place provides them with a lump sum cash payment if you die. It can help to cover debts, bills and childcare costs, in your absence. And with cover from as little as 77p per day, it’s often great value. With Vitality, you can also access a great range of rewards, such as 50% off gym membership, a free weekly cinema ticket, discounted flights with BA, discounted rail fares with Eurostar and cheaper Fitbug products!

Serious Illness Cover

If you get ill Serious Illness Cover from Vitality provides you with a payment which can help to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that comes with battling an illness, so that you can focus on returning to full health. And Vitality’s policy covers more illnesses than any other insurer – 170. Plus, you’re more likely to get a pay out if you have a less severe condition, like losing one eye rather than two.

Income Protection Insurance

If you are ill and can’t get back to work, or you’re injured which prevents you returning to work, Income Protection Insurance from Vitality offers a regular income for the rest of your policy term. And where other insurers would expect you to take unsuitable alternative employment, Vitality do not enforce such processes. So you can make a claim if you need to.

Making the most of your Vitality Plan with Vitality Optimiser

Vitality Optimiser is available on all Vitality plans. It helps to get the very best rewards and discounts. With Vitality Optimiser you’ll get an upfront discount on your premiums. The longer the cover is for, the bigger the discount. And if you look after your health your premiums can go down each year. You’ll also get exclusive rewards and cashback to help you look after your health.

If you’re interested in protecting yourself and your family, get in touch with our team, on 01604 877999.

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