Tips for a quick house sale

Top Tips for a Quick House Sale

While the UK property market is always pretty buoyant, it can sometimes take an age to get interest in your property, which can be frustrating if you are part of a chain and can’t move on until you have an offer. But there are several ways to increase the appeal of your property, and not only sell it quickly, but also sell it for the price you want to.

Get viewings. You are unlikely to sell if you can’t get the footfall, and that means that you need good representation. You need to find an estate agent who has a good reputation but also doesn’t charge an extortionate amount to do it.  It may sound like a tall order but if you do your homework, you will be able to identify a local agent who has the marketing skills to get people interested in your property.

First impressions count. You selling journey starts as perspective buyers arrive.  As well as looking for the obvious like parking, they will gaze at your house from the outside at a distance and form opinions on what they see.  That makes it imperative to have a tidy up, get rid of any rubbish as well as giving your windows, doors and walls a flesh lick of paint if they need it.  Cut the grass if you have it and get a professional in to give your garden a good weed and a bit of loving care. Make it look delightful and people will delight in it.

Inside too.  Making the outside welcoming will be lost if the inside doesn’t reflect it.  Declutter where possible – that will be handy when you move anyway – and make the place look neat. Your prospective buy will be trying to imagine their own possessions in there so the more neutral you can make it, the better.  Also have a look at the general condition of the interior and give it a spruce up as required.  And clean the windows, inside and out.

Define your rooms. You will need to make sure that you have not only defined each room – is it a fourth bedroom or an office etc – and make sure that its definition fits.  If you have a dining room, make sure that this function is well defined, so move any paperwork and/or exercise equipment out of it. The kitchen can be a dining area too but only if it’s an appropriate size so don’t try and cram a table in there.

Make the garage usable.  Again, declutter and ensure that there is enough room for a car in there.  A garage is a huge selling point, and many people like to store their cars away, so show your buyers the off-road parking that they could have.  If they want to use the garage for storage, decluttering will also show the extent of the space available.

Potential expansion.  Look at the possibility of expanding you home by either adding an extension or building into roof space.  If your neighbours have work like that done, then the chances are that you would get permission too.  Let your estate agent know if that is the case so that they can make this a selling point.

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